How to make YouTube Banner?

Let's look at YouTube channel design next. Click the brand marketing tab on the YouTube customizing screen to see all of your options. You should see a range of options for adding logos to various portions of your channel that could help you establish a YouTube profile.

Let's start with the first item on the list: the profile picture for your YouTube channel. It's easy to add one; simply click the 'Change' or 'Uninstall' buttons on the customizing screen to add a new image. This is the same procedure we'll use to create a channel banner, which we'll cover shortly.

·        There are a few other things to remember with YouTube profile images. Despite the fact that you're uploading a square image, YouTube will display it as a circle image. That meaning you'll have to use YouTube's downloader to crop your profile photo, so don't put critical information in the side.


How to make a YouTube banner size

·        In your channel banner, there are so many more aspects to consider. It must first suit the measurements of three different media types: television, PC, and mobile. When you upload a banner image, YouTube will display it on various devices. You can resize the image by clicking and dragging the corners if necessary.

·        Another factor to examine is the image's visual complexity. It's ideal to keep things simple and explain what your channel is just about with minimum text and layout breathing space.

·        You can update both the Facebook photo and the channels banner by navigating to your homepage, hovering over either one, and clicking the camera icon. This will take you back to the YouTube Studio's personalization page.

How to Add Watermarks to Your YouTube Videos

·        Video tags are the next brand element. If you enable this option on your YouTube page, a small square image will appear in the right part of your videos. It's ideal for showcasing your logo or acting as a call to action, urging users to hover over the image and subscribe to your channel.

·        That's why, rather than a logo, we advocate using a license fee graphic. Additionally, as a gift,

·        It's the same method as posting a profile image or channel logo to your videos. Select the logo tab, scroll down to the image section, and click 'Set' or 'Remove' once on the YouTube design screen.

·        You can choose when (and for how long) the watermark displays in your videos once you've created your button. We recommend keeping it available at all times so that more people can subscribe.

 How to Add Links to Your YouTube Channel Banner

Did you know that your channels banner can only include five links? You can use them to optimize your brand, social network profiles, online store, or other landing sites that your target audience may find beneficial.

Whatever links you choose to include, keep in mind that the first is critical. Because only the first link contains text on desktop, this is the case. Examine our channel banner links to see how we highlight the most significant one:

 A banner labeled 'Links' appears beneath the basic details tab on the YouTube customizing screen. You can add, delete, and reorganize the links in your channel header as needed in this section. These are only visible on desktop; links are buried deep in the about section on mobile.

 How to Add a Contact Email to Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to work with other artists? Gather questions from audiences? To begin, create and distribute an email where others can contact you.

Here are some suggestions for this section: Use your channel's contact email instead of your YouTube account email.

 For hackers, this may be a backdoor entrance. Create a new email for YouTube inquiries instead.

Go to the basic details tab when you're ready to add an email it to your channel. Copy and paste your email address into the text box under the 'Contact details' header.