How to customize YouTube channel

 If people visit your YouTube channel, they want to know who you really are and how much they can gain from you. They'll be more inclined to view your material, participate with it, and connect to your channel if they find those things immediately.

Customization your YouTube channel main page is the greatest approach to ensure that happens. There are other things to try out, and according on how you organize them, you can transform your YouTube channel from beginner to pro - at least cosmetically. A YouTube channel containing these five items is more likely to gain new followers:

·        A basic but useful channel banner

·        A profile symbol in a small, circular style that looks fantastic.

·        A space for recommended playlists to highlight your topics/niche

·        A teaser for your channel that explains your content

·        A section for featured channel(s)

Those are the visual elements that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading to learn how to set up these functionalities. We'll walk you through the many phases of designing the header of your YouTube channel, and that's something that every maker should know how to do.

 How to Find YouTube Channel Customization setting

Let's begin by altering the appearance of your YouTube channel's main website. The customizing screen in the YouTube Studio allows you to make these and other adjustments. Keep in mind that any changes you make to the settings will alter the layout of your channel on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Follow these steps to reach the customization screen:

·        Go to the YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right side of most YouTube desktop windows.

·        Click 'Customization' in the left menu panel. Following that, you should be sent to a screen where you may add a stream clip, highlight sections, recognized channels, profile icon, channel header, video logo, a about portion, channel links, as well as more.

·        Do you require a short visual walkthrough? Watch this video to learn how to personalize your YouTube channel:

·        The customizing panel is separated into three tabs, as are all of the options stated above. The layout tab aids in the creation of your channel's visual base. The branding page is where you may add certain styles, colors, and create a cohesive look.

·        Finally, the basic data option allows you to customize your channel with text and relevant links.

·        When you're through editing, click 'Publish' in the top right corner of the screen. However, your YouTube channel will not result in changes!

·        As you can see, YouTube allows producers to display prominent channels alongside playlists and video sets in the same place. You can make the transition right now if you ever want to, so here is another how:

·        As indicated in the photo above, click "Add Subsection Now."

·        A pop-up window will appear next. Type some brief, informative text in the upper right corner, which will become the title of your section.

·        Enter the name of any YouTube channel into the search bar. Choose the one you'd want to see in your promoted channels area.

·        Once you've added a few links to this section, you can reorder the list by clicking + dragging each one. This section can also be used to remove channels.

·        Remember to save and publish your modifications.

 How to Customize Your YouTube Channel’s ‘About’ Section

This is known as the 'About' page on YouTube's front end. When readers want to learn more about you and your material, they'll go in this part for answers. That is why, when creating your brief bio, it is critical to speak directly to your target audience.

 You should at the very least: Describe what consumers get out of watching your content. Use keywords that are relevant to your content. Go to the basic info tab and put your channel bio in the text box above 'Channel title and explanation.'


How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

When this came to YouTube channel personalization, the basic information page is our last step. We'll start with something that many producers are passionate about: the name of their YouTube channel. You should not need this portion today if your channel name is already the most fantastic thing ever. However, if you ever want to modify it, the procedure is straightforward. Click the marking tab while on the customizing screen, then look just under the 'Channel name and description' header. Your current channel name should be displayed along with a pencil icon. To create a new name, click that symbol.