How to create a YouTube channel

There are six easy step to create you tube channel. Even you can create youtube channel on mobile in these step.

·        First of all create an e-mail account.

·        Login on Google account.

·        Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site.

·        Click your profile picture. Create a channel.

·        You'll be asked to create a channel.

·     Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

How to start a YouTube channel is another question. You don’t hesitate for how you start a youtube channel. I will guide you step by step to creating a youtube channel. First follow above six step when you open a youtube account. Then choice niche of your channel.

How select a niche for youtube channel. There are many niche but some I suggest you.

If you are a traveler then select traveler v log.

If you are a cock then select cocking type of channel

If you are teacher then select education channel. Education channel create any one those are skilled.

If you are a programmer then create programming channel.

If you are a funny artist then make a funny youtube channel

If you musician then create music channel

And now a days very famous youtube channel like review channel, review channel creating is one of the best way. Those people say how I earn money from YouTube channel. Buy a one stand for mobile are camera then start a video recording. Minimum video length for YouTube channel is three mint. If you achieve 1000 subscriber and 40k watch time then you are eligible for monetizing your channel.The requirement of YouTube ad partner programmer I tell in this article before.

So don’t waste your time make a YouTube channel and earn money through advertising, review making for brand, and earn money from YouTube channel other sources.

How do I create a Video video?

Make a YouTube video marketing strategy. Choose appropriate topic (for the appropriate audience).

Ensure that your video can be found on YouTube.

Find Video themes and ideas.

Quick guide to YouTube tools Learn how to make your first YouTube video. Prepare to record your video. Make a laptop recording.

Make a video editor.

 I think, in the above article I answered all quiz

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