5 Best Netflix Comedy Movies


 Of course, this is a subjective question. Below are my top five favorite comedies. Most people's top 5 lists are likely to differ, but I believe most people would agree that some of the items included are classics. I should point you that I'm not ranking them in any specific order.


 Office Space:  is one of my all-time favorite flicks, not just for comedy movies. It's a simple and fun film to watch, and it's a hilarious spoof of the dismal "corporate drone culture." It's also a great assessment of some of the problems in the workforce.

The primary characters, Peter, Samir, and Michael Bolton, were all appealing, and the other characters were also fantastic (Milton being the standout, in my opinion).

A well-written comedy with a fantastic mood and a lot of quotable lines. I'm almost certain you'll see this film on television at some point.

 Shaun of the Dead:  is a film directed by Shaun of the Dead. This film is not only amusing, but it is also legitimately scary and has a beautiful love story.

The comic pairing of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is fantastic, as is the rest of the group. I think the film's many relationships were handled exceptionally effectively, which added to the "comedic horror" suspense surrounding "who would live and who would die?"

A wonderfully "British" film with zombies thrown in for good measure!


The Big Lebowski:  is a film based on a true story. Like Office Space, another of my all-time favourite films.

The Big Lebowski has a fantastic atmosphere and "the Dude" is an iconic character. It's also a typical Coen Brothers film in terms of being distinctive, weird, and existential. I appreciate that this was a mainstream film that addressed Nihilism's theory. "Lebowski, we don't believe in anything! “This film belonged to Jeff Bridges and John Goodman”.

This is a fantastic film.

School of Rock:  is a band from the United States. This is a well-received comedy, yet I still think it's "underrated." I adore the film's overall concept of having a "failed slacker rock guitarist" substitute teach at a renowned school before taking entire control of the classroom and bringing out the best in his students. To put it mildly, main character Dewey Finn was a "fish out of water" at that school.

This film marks a high point in Jack Black's career. That dude was electrifying, and his acting was nearly as good as his singing!

 Groundhog Day:  occurs every year on February 2nd. This is most likely my favorite Bill Murray film.

I know it's "cliché," but this picture has a fantastic tale. From a fantasy and surrealism standpoint, having a film from the 1990s where the main character strangely continues waking up to the same day over and over was fairly "original."

As Phil Connors, Bill Murray brought both dramatic and comedic abilities to the part. Also, after seeing this movie, I think I had a "celebrity crush" on Andy MacDowell because she's so "down to Earth girlie."

A fantastic comedy with outstanding character development from the main character, Phil.

Here's a quick rundown of my five favorite comedies. So it's a big part of my existence.